【カフェ・イタリアン】三重県津市)「Dining EMI」の朝食に行ってきました!


今回は、「Dining EMI」の朝食に行ってきました!



【店舗名】Dining EMI
【住所】 〒5140027 三重県津市大門7-15 ホテル津センターパレス 2F
Morning 6:30~10:00(L.O9:00)
Cafe: 14:00~16:00(L.O15:30)

【予 算】¥2,000~¥2,999





朝食は1日の始まりを大きく左右する大切な食事です。今回は、三重県津市にある「Dining EMI」というホテルレストランの朝食バイキングをご紹介します。




Dining EMIは、植物に囲まれた癒し空間に位置しています。白と木目調のナチュラルなインテリアが、開放的で心地よい空間を演出しています。朝から贅沢なひとときを過ごすことができます。




Dining EMIでは、静かで落ち着いた雰囲気の中で朝食を楽しむことができます。朝から賑やかなレストランではなく、ゆったりとした時間が流れています。一日の始まりを穏やかに迎えられることが、とても心地よかったです。


Dining EMIは、ホテル内にあります。そのため、宿泊客は朝食を手軽に受け取ることができます。観光や出張で忙しい方でも、時間を有効に活用することができます。


Dining EMIの朝食バイキングは、三重県の美味しい食材を存分に楽しめる贅沢な体験です。豊富なメニューに加え、地元の食材を使用した料理に舌鼓を打ちながら、ゆったりとした時間を過ごすことができます。さらに、周辺には観光スポットが豊富にあるため、旅行の拠点としても最適です。ぜひ、Dining EMIに足を運んで、素晴らしい朝食体験をしてみてください。

Enjoy a luxurious breakfast buffet at a hotel restaurant in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.

Breakfast is an important meal that greatly influences the beginning of the day. This time, we will introduce the breakfast buffet at a hotel restaurant called “Dining EMI” in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.

[1. Numerous fascinating ingredients]
The first thing that catches your eye is the abundance of ingredients. In addition to Ise udon noodles, local natto, miso soup made with Nakiri bonito flakes from Ise Shima, freshly cooked rice made from Iga rice, and fresh vegetables and fruits from Mie Prefecture, as well as meat and fish, there are many other items on offer. I’m here. The taste of the dishes using local ingredients was exceptional.

[2. Fashionable atmosphere]
Dining EMI is located in a healing space surrounded by plants. The natural interior of white and wood grain creates an open and comfortable space. You can spend a luxurious time from the morning.

[3. Delicious dishes prepared by the chef]
This restaurant offers creative cuisine using fresh ingredients from Mie Prefecture, with a focus on local production for local consumption. Even the breakfast buffet has many delicious dishes prepared by the chef. We thoroughly enjoyed the exquisite dishes that maximized the flavor of the ingredients.

[4. Relax from the morning]
At Dining EMI, you can enjoy your breakfast in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It’s not a busy restaurant from the morning, but a relaxing time is flowing. It was so nice to be able to start the day peacefully.

[5. Convenient to have breakfast at the hotel]
Dining EMI is located inside the hotel. Therefore, guests can easily receive breakfast. Even those who are busy with sightseeing or business trips can make effective use of their time.
After the breakfast buffet, and after finishing the meal, we recommend visiting the surrounding tourist attractions. From the hotel, it takes about 30 minutes by car to Shinanobashi, the center of Tsu City, and Iseshi Station, which is the access point to Ise Grand Shrine. In addition, the coastline and hot spring areas of the Ise-Shima area can be accessed by car, making it an ideal base for sightseeing.

Dining EMI’s breakfast buffet is a luxurious experience where you can fully enjoy the delicious ingredients of Mie Prefecture. In addition to a rich menu, you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying dishes made with local ingredients. In addition, there are plenty of sightseeing spots in the surrounding area, making it an ideal base for travel. Please visit Dining EMI for a wonderful breakfast experience.




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important point
* Information as of December 2022.
* Ingredients, menus, and prices may change depending on the purchase status of the store.
* If you have any concerns about food allergies, please check with the store before visiting.